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Information on the sample
NoS. NoName of SampleAmountPackagingPro./Exp. DateSerial/Part NoName/Method of Analysis
Additional information requested in the Inspection and Analysis Report
I want to giving back of the sample after the analysis.
I want the Analysis Report to be sent with ...
Do you want to deliver a witness sample?
In the "Uzman Private Food Control Laboratory Analysis List", analysis was requested with fewer samples than the minimum sample amount.
General Conditions :
  1. Analyses are carried out on samples that deliver by handed or cargo to the laboratory.
  2. It is the responsibility of the customer to take samples in accordance with the analysis requirements.
  3. If the test method is not specified by the customers, they accept the use of the methods in Ministry Approved Scope List.
  4. During the period of carried out of the analysis claim, the changes to the working conditions are reported to the customer.
  5. Analysis fees call in advance.
  6. If "Analysis Request Form"(Form-023) is signed andif analysis is requested by the customer after the receipt of the samples, if no analysis process has started, analysis or analyses shall be canceled and the customer shall not be charged. If the analysis fee is charged, the fee is paid. In case of taking the sample to analyse, the analysis fee is requested and analyses are reported and delivered to the customer.
  7. This form is binding. This is Customer's request and approval certificate and after accepted and signed replaced contract.
  8. Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized to resolve the disputes that may arise.