Our Chemical Analysis Laboratory, which has the substructure of qualitative/quantitative results by using technical methods of gravimetric, titrimetric and many technological devices in many product groups such as Food, Food Additive, Feed, Feed Additive, Usage Water and Food Contact Packaging Materials, National and International Methods and the system that it uses constantly updating and adapting the goal of presenting the best.

Our Chemical Analysis Laboratory provides service to you valuable business partners in a wide range of activities within the scope of "250+" analysis that can be done within our laboratory in accordance with the activity permit obtained from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

The analysis results obtained from the results of all analysis studies are evaluated according to the "Turkish Food Codex" and "Turkish Standards Institute (TSE)" limit values and also provide information about your products to you.

Our Chemical Analysis Laboratory provides services in its own following analysis groups:

  • Additive and Residue Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Mycotoxin Analysis
  • Packaging Materials Analysis
  • Wet Chemistry Analyses
  • Dioxin Analysis

The Chemical Analysis Laboratory has the ability to produce the most accurate results in the shortest time by using the lastest technology device infrastructure in all analysis types in which it operates.

The Chemical Analysis Laboratory is proving its ability and quality with competence tests it participates in and always aims for the best using its technological infrastructure in the most efficient way.

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