The new living thing that is produced as a result of transferring the genetic characteristics of a living thing to another living thing that does not carry these characteristics is called "Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)".

Although GMO products are free to be consumed as human food in many countries in the world, it is forbidden to use GMO products for food production and production in accordance with the "Regulation on Genetically Modified Organisms and Their Products" number 27671 dated at 08/13/2010 in our country.

Our laboratory for food and feed samples, GMO Screening Analysis (p35S/tNOS/pFMV) is the first accredited laboratory in Private Food Laboratories.

Our laboratory isolated from external environment, hepa filters with the external environment from indoor clean air is supplied, is reduced to a minimum the risk of contamination, studied by the unidirectional flow principle, Sample Preparation Room, DNA Extraction Room, PCR Prep Room and PC Room including consists of 4 parts.

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